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Cure Parts Faster & Increase Throughput

The Schubox® Gas Catalytic InfraRed Drying Room

Increase Throughput

Reduce Space Requirements

Speed up Dry/Cure Dramatically

Improve Finish Quality & Air Quality

Recent Schubox Installations

Painted Cabinets

How Can the Schubox Help My Shop?

Finishing is becoming a common bottleneck in the manufacturing process as parts pile up until they fully dry/cure.  The Schubox Drying Room is dramatically reducing dry/cure times and eliminating bottlenecks in shops across the USA while improving finish quality.  It is also benefiting shops in many other ways.  Check out this case study which illustrates the many ways the Schubox IR Drying Room helped a growing cabinet shop:


"We went from completing one job a day to three jobs per day.  We have also seen a major quality difference in our coatings"" 

Tyler Nay

Trim Art

"To be able to dry products in less than a half hour and complete orders on the same day is a huge win for our lead times" 

Ben Brunson


"We have really enjoyed our Schubox.  We can now paint a job in the morning, assemble in the afternoon, and install the next day" 

Jady Day

Wooded Hollow

"Great addition to our paint department - lower cure times have helped smooth out the flow and dry time bottlenecks - pace and output have improved as a result!" 

Rich Terry

Woodland Furniture



Panel Construction

The Panels are constructed from 50mm thick, insulated steel panels, mounted side by side. The inside surface of the Schubox is polished

stainless steel for the reflection of the I.R. to give even radiance on all wet surfaces.

Schubox Paint Drying Room

2 Sets of Double Doors

A Set of Double Doors are on each side of the Schubox ensuring easy entry and exit.  Optional Bifold Doors are also available upon request.

Paint Drying Room Double Doors

Catalytic IR Drying Technology

Our IR Catalytic Emitters have been proven for over 30 Years to quickly cure wet products from the inside out at lower temperatures leading to increased throughput and higher finish quality


Standard interior dimensions are 16 x 8' or 20 x 8', but your Schubox can be customized to fit your layout and workflow.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who installs the Schubox?
    We have an experienced service team with trained technicians that has installed many Schubox Drying Rooms throughout the USA. Our service team will go over the pre-install requirements with you to ensure everything is ready for our technicians before they arrive. Most installations require one week to complete.
  • What is the average time required for curing wet finishes inside a Schubox?
    High solid AC Lacquers (Wood and Plastic) - 10 Minutes PU pigmented lacquers (Wood, Aerospace, and Plastic) - 20-30 Minutes Water borne based coats (Wood, Metal, Plastic) - 10-15 Minutes Water borne top coats (Wood, Glass) - 25-30 Minutes NC lacquers (Wood) - 10 Minutes PVA water glue (Membrane Pressing) - 10 Minutes Wax-free Polyesters (Solid Wood Veneers) - 3 Hours
  • How much does it cost to run a Schubox?
    The Schubox is very energy efficient and can be ran on Gas or Propane. Running on gas is the most common, and current Schubox owners estimate that they average an added cost of around $1.40 per hour (depending on climate) to their gas bill. Depending on your climate, the estimated average cost per hour on propane to run a Schubox is around $2.00 per hour.
  • What type of finishes are commonly dried in a Schubox?
    The Schubox is effective at drying/curing many finishes, paint, and conversion varnish. Contact us if you have questions about the finishes you use in your shop.
  • How safe is the Schubox?
    The Catalytic IR Technology in the Schubox is totally flameless. It is an intrinsically safe process as no live flame is involved. The face temperature is below that of solvent or gas combustion, and all oxygen at the face of the catalyst is consumed by the process.
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