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Who we are and why Schubox®?

Why a Schubox Gas Catalytic IR Drying Room?

The Gas Catalytic Infrared Technology in a Schubox safely speeds up the drying and curing process drastically.  Below are some of the features and results you can expect to see in your finishing room when using a Schubox: 

  • Less Work in Process

  • Shorter Drying/Curing Time

  • Better Quality of Finish (Less Dry Time = Less Fiber Raise)

  • Smaller Footprint Requirements in your Finishing Room

  • Little to No Maintenance

  • Completely Flameless Heat

  • Full Cure from the Inside Out

  • Removal of Contaminates in the Air = Better Employee Health

  • Operates at a Much Lower Temperature than Hot Air Alternatives = Good Environment for Temp. Sensitive Substrates Like Wood

About Us

Elevated Finishing is a division of Advanced Machinery and is the premier dealer of the Schubox in the USA.  Founded in 1989 in Utah, USA, Advanced Machinery has served the woodworking industry ever since.  Our Mission is to be your partner by providing long-term solutions to maximize your profits and increase the productivity and value of your business.  While striving to accomplish our mission, we noticed a major bottleneck in many shops as large quantities of painted parts piled up due to long dry/cure times.  In 2021, we began a partnership with Schuberts, the leader in Catalytic IR Drying Technology who is the manufacturer of the Schubox® IR Drying Room.


Schuberts is the manufacturer of the Schubox® Drying Room.  Based in the UK, Schuberts is one of the most used and widely recognized catalytic infrared drying systems in the world.  Founded over 80 years ago, Schuberts has a deep understanding and experience in the finishing arena. 

This partnership between Elevated Finishing and Schuberts has led to the installation of over 40 Schubox's by Elevated Finishing in less than two years.  This in turn has resulted in the removal of over 40 bottlenecks by dramatically reducing dry times and improved finish quality and better air quality in shops across the USA.

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Our Team

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